Newsletter: Durham Works


Your water bill - worth every penny

Water is life. It is a precious commodity that, contrary to popular belief, is very limited in terms of supply.

Fortunately in Durham Region, Lake Ontario provides us with 95 per cent of our water. The other five per cent comes from underground sources and Lake Simcoe. Ensuring a clean, safe supply of water can be complicated and costly.

A portion of your water bill is based on how much water is used, which can vary depending on hot or dry summers, appliances, user habits or possible plumbing issues. However, there are also costs that remain the same, regardless of whether you're filling a pool or a bathtub. These fixed costs apply to the basic system needed to supply you water and include services such as maintenance, construction, facilities and staff.

Given the forecasted growth for Durham Region—double the population within 20 years—the need for new water supply plants and upgrades to Durham's municipal water supply system are inevitable. By reducing the amount of water we use on a daily basis, we can delay building new plants and prevent costly modifications. Water efficiency doesn't have to be difficult. It can be as easy as changing the way you use water or repairing leaks at home—and saving water will save you money!

The bottom line: Durham Region treats and distributes safe drinking water across the Region in the most cost-effective way to our customers. Bottled water will cost the average resident roughly $15 per 25 litres. Municipal drinking water from a tap in Durham Region is delivered at only a fraction of the price—five cents per 25 litres!

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